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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There has been many cases of unexplained events happening on
planet Earth, many of these cases are believe to be to fictional events.
But as time passes by more and more people come out to tell their tale of
strange sightings and unexplained events. Many people claim they have seen UFOs
on the skies or ghosts in their house. Some people have claim to seen strange creatures
roaming around the planet. People have claim to seen creatures such as Aliens, Werewolves,
Vampires, Big Foot, Chupacabras, Loch Ness Monster and thousands of many others. Also,
there are several landmarks on Earth believed to contain paranormal activity or places were
rare and unexpalinable things happen. Such place include The Bermudas Triangle, Stonehenge,
Machu Picchu and many others. The truth is yet to be discovered, but for the mean time people
will continue to tell their anecdotes of these rare events and people will then have to choose
whether to believe in it or not. While is true that there are many fake stories, some are use to
distract the people away from the reality. Many of today myths or legends have an explanation.
They could be real or fictional, but some contain enough detailed information to be consider as
an invention from someone. Mysteries or not they must have an explanation. Also, its been suggested
that humans beings don't have the capacity to invent something new. Most inventions or most
explanations that humans make come from past experiences. Making us believe that if these things
don't exist then maybe there was a time on which they did existed in our past.

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