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Ghosts' has always been a controversial topic dating back from the ancient times.
Ghost are believe to be the spirit or souls of death people who wander in Earth for several
reasons. Some believe that ghost stay in Earth after dying from a cruel death or who died
instantly. Experts believe that ghost stay on Earth to finish something they coulnd't complete
while they were alive. They wander Earth in search of people who might help them find their
path to rest in peace. Other experts involve in the paranormal activity have a completely different
idea of why we see ghost. These people believe that we all live on a certain wave frequency. Such
as the frequency from radios that are use to send information across a certain distant. These people
believe that ghost are on a lower frequency than the living people therefore most are unable to see
them. But since some people have a special sensitivity, they are able to feel or see this ghost. Other
theories related to the spiritual activity explian that ghost live in a different dimension than ours.
And that when this dimension is alter by using the dark arts, several portals open that allow this
spirits to enter freely to our world.While these theories might be true or false it is a certainty that
no accurate evidence has been acquire to explain this unknown phenomena. For the time being,
people will continue to investigate and research more about the paranormal activity. many places
had become famous for being known to be haunted. These places include: Thunderbird Lodge,
Nevada; Leap Castle, Co. Offaly,Ireland; The Whaley House, San Diego; Venice, Italy; St.
Michigan Church, Dublin, Ireland; Borley Rectory, Essex, England and many others. Some of the
most famous or known haunted places are The Queen Mary, The Tower of London, The Eastern
State Penitentiary and the White House.