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UFO is the abbreviation for Undentified Flying Object.
Millions of people have claim to have seen this objects/creatures, some in ships others walking on Earth. But the topic of UFOs have always ben a controversial topic.The appearance of UFOs has been more than evident throughout the years. There has been times when the UFOs sights has increase drastically in certain areas of the world. But there has also been times when the UFOs sights has decrease severely in most parts of the world. Nevertheless, people has continue to come out with tales and adecdotes of their experiences of UFOs. People used to only been able to see UFOs at the nights or using special equipment, but now people can even see UFOs in the broad daylight and with their naked eyes. The major parts of this planet on which UFOs are most common are in Mexcio, the United States of America, and England. People have declare thousands of cases of this sigths, most has even provided evidence through photos or videos. Many evidence of UFOs has been collected but most has been kept in in secret organizations which some nations has kept in secret. Some of the nations that has collected important extraterrestial evidence has been the United States and the Soviet Union which is now Russia. As time passes by more and more evidence come to life. Also, many of the mysteries surrounding UFOs has been discover or explained. Evidence has shown that ancient civilizations had contact with the UFOs/Aliens. One example are the Maya, believe to received help in developing their calendar and astronomical research. Some people have claimed that they have been abducted by aliens. This means they have been taken away and returned after being experimented on. Some of the people who returned experience nauseas, memory loss, and starnge marks on their bodies. Many theories have develop on who these strange visitors are really are. One theory states that UFOs/Aliens are an advance humann civilization that comes from the future to prevent a great disaster from occuring.Another theory states that extraterrestials are another of the many species or races that exist in the Universe. And that they have come to research our planet to understand our way of life. other theory states that aliens come from another planet to perserve the natural resources that humans are detroying. as the first appearances of UFOs shown that this species used to fly around our natural resources. This is because UFOs has been seen around volcanoes, oceans, fields, deserts and most commonly the sky. The truth is that only time and research will reveal the true identity of this sophisticated visitors.